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9 Succulent Bouquets For Your AZ Wedding

The temperature is rising and the sun is shining down in all of its' glory here in Arizona. They say not much can survive this blistering heat- especially when it comes to floral- but succulents are doing just fine. The perfect Arizona destination wedding accessory, succulents are the perfect accent to wedding decor that can withstand the heat and tie in the desert inspired look that our AZ destination wedding clients desire. We love succulents because they incorporate fabulous texture and different earth tones of the desert and can compliment any wedding color palette.

For weddings with more soft tones like blush, lavender and ivory, you can incorporate the slate gray succulents so it keeps the overall muted look. If your wedding has more bold colors such as the deeps red, purples or hot pinks, incorporating some of the deeper hued succulents take your floral decor to the next level but still keep it romantic. Feeling like a walk on the wild side? Let us use the more unique succulents. We've got you covered :)

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